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They used heavy duty excavators to remove huge piles of rubble, paving the way for the rescuers to comb debris and retrieve bodies of those killed in the collapsed buildings."I will definitely apply for it and continue to spread Chinese railway culture," he says.The protest is part of a broader popular movement denouncing the decision of Trump to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

"Now we can see that one of the smallest members among all is still able to do the whole thing," he said. "And APEC brought more people to PNG, so that they can really see the livelihood and community on their own."The pressure of work brought out the best in each other.He said that Nieh and Engle have captured the worthy part of Chinese modern literature after China's reform and opening up, such as the genres and talented writers.It could be the only chance for the separated families to meet face-to-face. The eldest South Korean participant for the first session of reunions is a 101-year-old Baek Sung-gyu who will meet his daughter-in-law and granddaughter from the DPRK.


Evans Ngugi, a 24-year-old locomotive technician at the SGR passenger train, agreed that martial arts that is the embodiment of China's cultural prowess, has therapeutic power.On July 10 last year, Abadi officially declared Mosul's liberation from IS after nearly nine months of fierce fighting to dislodge the extremist militants from their last major stronghold in Iraq.The streets in the capital have become almost empty of regular movement, as a week-long severe fuel shortage forced hundreds of thousands of vehicles to silently die off the roads."It's crazy market. The sellers are happy. I just need more homes (for sale)," added Azougi."We want to change the miserable situation of our country, as the ruling parties failed to find solutions to the problems of Iraq. Perhaps, new faces could give us a new hope," Eleiwi said.

Chinese painting is an art, which has a deep-rooted tradition and a unique style, employing a "dots and lines" structure and the writing brush, ink stick, silk and Xuan paper as the main tools.In the video, the billionaire's daughter, Princess Reem Bint Al Waleed was seen driving a car. "It is the first time that I am able to drive on the streets of Saudi Arabia," the princess told her daughter in the footage.

Dharshan's encounter with Ministry of Crab occurred in 2011. At that time, while running Nihonbashi, Dharshan also hosted a TV show named "Culinary Journey's with Dharshan." In one episode, Dharshan thoroughly introduced the Sri Lankan lagoon crabs.Alsadoon, 70 years old, makes hand-painted astrology speculation of the sunrise and sunset and observes various astronomical phenomena with telescopes at night.

They have a farm with 190 heads of cattle. But now the kids have left the farm with James' sister and wife. "We have got a rental place in Braidwood to move to," he said. "We wait for it to rain and come back home."votes on June 24 to elect their new president among the six


Muguru's job, that he has been carrying out for the last one year, is key to the safety of the SGR train and throngs of passengers.Moon asked many questions about how her sisters have lived as she was the eldest daughter of her siblings. One more sister was still alive in the DPRK, but she failed to participate for frailty and sickness.For Xinhua reporters, in every visit to Aleppo they see something new: squares that are fixed, shops that returned to life, souks getting repaired, some houses that are still damaged but its residents fixed them enough to return, holiday decorations and many more.

by Ayten Laamar"Considering the boom in online shopping, we had launched our services in Islamabad in September last year and within four months our sales were at the point it took around three years when we started in Lahore," he said.Charity works depend mainly on the availability of fuel. Sanaa, like other besieged cities in the country's north, faces fuel shortages every month because of the war and blockades.

Photo taken on Dec. 12, 2019 shows the Al-Zour New Refinery Project (NRP) in Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait. Located in the southern desert of Kuwait, the Al-Zour New Refinery Project has been hailed as a model for the "mutually beneficial win-win cooperation" between Kuwait and China under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Marking a major progress in the project, the installation of all 15 sets of main oil-refining units were completed on Thursday. (Xinhua/Nie Yunpeng)Cheptoris said that while water reduction is the inevitable solution, the move is likely to affect the people and properties downstream.


BLANTYRE, Malawi, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- A number of Malawian universities are switching to online learning due to a heavy hit of COVID-19 second wave which has disturbed most social gatherings in the country.The national flag and emblem represent the dignity of the country, and those who insult the national flag and emblem are turning themselves into enemies of the people in the whole country, Tam added.

"We have invested more than 1 million to open the center, which has free tea and water for the drivers, a resting space and public toilets for passengers," Mahato said, adding that it is the first program of its kind in their province."My son is in charge of the shop now. I'm ready to retire, but since business has been so good, I'm glad I can still help," said Taphan.Amber Chen, activity manager of CAN, said the idea of recycling firework paper explores new connections between believers and Matsu, the Chinese sea goddess.

Migrant workers from Myanmar working in fishing industry show their personal documents, working permits to Thai officials in Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand, March 20, 2018. The Thai government has reiterated its determination to register and legalize all of some 3.8 million migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos by the end of March. (Xinhua/Yang Zhou)For most of them, the stay in Iowa City became their first ever experience outside China. Their exposure to the agricultural, U.S. heartland city, to some extent, altered their general imagination of the United States that had come mostly from movies and books.

Nguyen Dang, an 11th grade student at Bac Giang Specialized School in the northern province of Bac Giang, said the Chinese Bridge is one of the driving forces for him to study Chinese well and then to pursue higher education in Beijing.Various travelers referred to the house in their journals or depicted it in their sketches and paintings.

"Our family specializes in making clothes. And we buy other paper items from our villagers and resell them to traders from other provinces," the woman told Xinhua on Tuesday, while her son and daughter-in-law loaded paper clothes, horses, elephants, boats, cars, washing machines and villas on a seven-ton truck in front of their house."Today through the interactive experience, You can appreciate wonders of oriental civilization here and now without travelling to China. Wish you a pleasant journey," Liu said to her laughing audience.For Luo, Chunyun has also evolved in other ways. In the past, he would fill his suitcase with Guangdong-produced specialties to share with his friends back home, but now, "I don't need to carry all of these things with me, I can just send them back via express delivery. It is very convenient."

He said that 362 patients have been discharged after receiving medical treatment while six have been referred to military hospital and Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad.During this Friday rally, four Palestinians were killed and at least 450 others injured in clashes between demonstrators and Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza Strip.Historically, ardent soccer fans in the East African Nation have always preferred to watch matches in restaurants as opposed to homes where disruptions are bound to arise.Good-looking and energetic, the four children divided into two pairs were Magdalena Abboud, 12, and her three younger siblings, triplets, Anastasie, Luca and Avalene, all 11.Saudi families hire 1.38 million foreign chauffeurs every year, at a cost of around 25 billion riyals (6.6 billion U.S. dollars), according to Saudi statistics authorities.

COVID-19 has pushed people to turn towards online shopping while staying at home. From groceries and household goods to clothing and shoes, from accessories and indoor exercise equipment to electronics and digital gadgets, purchasers are relying heavily on the digital mode of buying."We have 14 pottery workshops with some of them exporting pottery to foreign countries including Australia, Austria and the United States. One of them has one of his pieces displayed in the British Museum," she added.Embiid's Year of the Dog's good fortune started early, as foretold, when he found the lucky coin in his first dumpling.

Developed by researchers at KEIO University in Japan, FUSION combines the robotic backpack and a virtual reality headset so that two people can work together to handle an object or complete a task from two locations.The colorful Huntington float, named "Cultivating Curiosity," incorporated prominent elements of the Chinese Garden, one of which is the Pavilion of the Three Friends, a Chinese-style temple named for the traditional "three friends of winter" in the ancient Chinese culture: bamboos, pines and plum blossoms.The small temple, with four ponds surrounding the main sanctuary, dates back its primary phases of construction to 10th to 11th centuries.

"During the battles, the security forces captured him, and I have information that he was transferred to Baghdad," said Qusai, who also suffers abject poverty.The diploma holder in electrical engineering admitted her appreciation of Chinese culture especially meditation and martial arts that have a positive impact on physical and emotional health.

People first came to this site some 12,000 years ago and men and women, who lived there as hunters and gatherers, achieved a great deal with very little. Without metal tools, the skilled artisans of Gobeklitepe carved T-shaped pillars from local limestone."Most of the breeds have either been forsaken by their owners or got lost and couldn't adapt with the surroundings to survive. So, we try to provide them with an atmosphere similar to that at home," she explained."At least the government should provide clean water and electricity for us. Life must not stop in Mosul," said Saleh.

Eighty-nine South Koreans, mostly in their 80s or older, crossed the heavily armed border earlier in the day into the scenic mountain resort to meet their DPRK relatives they never saw since the Korean War ended with armistice that left the Korean Peninsula divided.The pupils, mostly aged between seven and 12, were inspired by Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager who started missing school every Friday in September last year to strike for climate in front of the Swedish parliament.

After his graduation from the faculty of Oriental Studies, Tavrovsky became a reporter for state television. He visited China many times, produced several programs, and became an expert on the history of the Silk Road.At 10:30 a.m. in a Carrefour supermarket in Beijing's Chaoyang District, Mrs. Fan stood behind her little stall, busily selling handmade rice dumplings to customers. With 12 different varieties of vegetable and meat fillings ranging from salty to sweet flavors, Mrs. Fan's masterpieces cater to customers with different tastes.

By Qiu Junzhou and Yang Shilong(Xinhua reporter Xie E also contributed to this story.)PORT MORESBY, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- Michelle McGeorge, an Australian in her 30s, has nurtured so profound a love for Papua New Guinea (PNG) that she began to call it "our country" after working in a nature park here for eight years.by Pankaj Yadav


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